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Book Review: Niksen, Embracing the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing

Olga Mecking came to live in the Netherlands as an adult and was so delighted to discover the practice of ‘niksen’ (doing nothing) she wrote a book about it. With lockdowns here in the Netherlands practically pushing us into a forced stillness, there's no better time to learn about the great upside of doing nothing - Niksen. Imagine sitting cozily on your favorite couch. Maybe the sun is pouring through the window, or you’re wrapped in a soft blanket. It’s quiet, and you’re daydreaming.

Mom and Apple Pie

Apple pie. It’s a Fourth of July must-have, an enduring autumn tradition, and delicious à la mode. If you asked a soldier in the Second World War what he was fighting for and what he missed the most, he would most likely have answered, “Mom and apple pie.” Together, these two classics conjure our coziest shared Americana, and in these challenging times, what could be more comforting than apple pie to bake and share? Locally, my mother’s apple pie is a long-time staple in Barnstable Village, wh

Armchair Destination: Inside the Dutch Market

Piles of earthy fall mushrooms, the latest in cauliflower, warm stroop (syrup) waffles from the grill, and generous slices of cheese to taste. Flowers galore, animal supplies, the bicycle guy, fishmongers, and a stand dedicated to fresh French fries. These colorful scenes are typical of the outdoor Dutch weekly market. Unfortunately, here in the Netherlands COVID numbers are on the rise again which means we, like many others around the world, are spending more time in the house. What better ti