Mary Petiet's second title, Moon Tide, is scheduled for release in summer 2020. Moon Tide features a little bit of what's wild on Cape Cod and a lot about the people who live there. Think horseshoe crabs, ghosts, tree men, black dogs, and daffodils as diverse characters come to life in a collection of poems charting the course of a Cape Cod year.

In Minerva’s Owls, Mary Petiet weaves a fascinating and colorful web of yoga, healing and Western wisdom traditions. Filled with the infinite knowing of the feminine divine, this slim volume is packed with enduring wisdom. You will recover your deepest self in these pages.—Trista Hendren, author of The Girl God series


Minerva’s Owls is a finalist in the American Book Fest’s Best Book Awards 2017.

Minerva’s Owls seeks the balance we need to achieve through space and time, individually and as a society if we are to move forward in our most meaningful way. A positive message for confusing times, Minerva’s Owls moves between the sacred and the mundane, from past to present with hope for the future, as it reinterprets history and the reverence of ancient deities to awaken the sacred feminine.

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